Who We Are

About Us

The owner of Wild Sage Landscaping, Salvador Zepeda, has had a passion for horticulture and agriculture since a very early age. Living in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley since 1983, he has grown up with a desire to pursue a career in landscape design and maintenance for as long as he can remember. 

Salvador worked in horticulture management for nearly 20 years, developing his skills and fine-tuning his craft into what it is today. It was several years ago that Salvador decided to pursue his passion for landscaping, and became a fully-licensed landscaping contractor in 2015. This was the beginning of Wild Sage Landscaping.

His business partner (and younger brother), Armando Zepeda, joined Wild Sage Landscaping a year later in 2016 and is now the Operations Manager. 

Salvador and Armando both pride themselves on providing the best quality work using the highest quality materials available. Their attentive client care and outstanding customer service are what set Wild Sage Landscaping apart!